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Today, as a financial institution, are you still processing night deposit bags like you did 25 years ago? If you are, we can help you automate this function and save you time and money.

VeriDeposit tracks and records commercial
deposit drops, ELECTRONICALLY and gives
the customer a receipt.

VeriDeposit confirms that a legitimate deposit has
been made and generates a digital record with the
time, date, the amount of the deposit, bag number,
etc and matches this deposit text information with
two (2) digital photos of the depositor and the bag
in the safe.

Features and Benefits to the bank:

• The bank will save from 2 to 3 hours in labor cost per day

• Digitally records every deposit that is made

• Eliminates lines at your commercial teller line -
Redirects the deposits to a backroom function Currently, only 18% of your commercial deposits come through the night deposit area. We can help you increase this number to 80%.

• Eliminate Canvas Bags, storage of these bags and distribution back to the customer

• Eliminate most of the dual controlled functions involved in this process

• Eliminates FRAUD and ghosts deposits

• Can be easily retrofitted onto most existing night deposit heads

• Can be a stand alone system or integrated into your teller platform software program

• All deposits can be viewed remotely by an authorized person under the secured system

Features and Benefits to the customer:

• The customer gets a receipt for their deposit 24/7; 365 days a year

• No longer have to wait in the teller queue lines
(will save them around $600/year from not waiting in lines)

• System is easy to use

• Customer has digital record of their deposit, bag number, and details about their deposit, etc







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